Archives for August 2016

No Sleeping!

I am probably one of the most ambitious people you’ve ever met. I love Saturday mornings when I wake up full of energy and with a list in my head. I’m ready to conquer the world! I’m going to do the laundry, clean the entire apartment, make a trip to Goodwill, do the grocery shopping, […]

Biscuits and Holiness

A few days after I found out that I have a sensitivity to wheat and gluten, I had an appointment with my dear friend, acupuncturist, and Chinese medicine practitioner, Eric. We talked at length about how to cope with my new dietary restriction, and I remember he asked me what food I was going to […]

Father Will Carry It…

When I was four years old, we lived in a tiny country town in Jones County, North Carolina that was called Trenton. I remember only a little of the town and the church that my dad pastored, but I do have memories of the house. I remember the backyard, where I made mud pies during […]