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When I first heard that today’s blog carnival was on the topic of Laughter, I almost skipped out. You guys have read my blog. I’m pretty serious when I write. And I just didn’t know if I could rise to the challenge to write a post on laughter. And then, I decided that I needed to be reminded of how goofy I can be. So, instead of trying to tell you about laughter, please allow me to show you.

Notice how in all of these pictures, I’m with people I love? That’s what keeps me laughing! That’s what keeps me sane!

NOTE: Just before I posted this, my Dad called to tell me that my Great-Uncle Jonesie had passed away. Uncle Jonesie was in his late 80’s and it wasn’t completely unexpected that he had passed.  We haven’t particularly been close over recent years, but I think I’d like to remember him with y’all today by sharing one of his favorite stories that he told over and over again at family events over the years.

When I was about 4 years old, Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Jonesie kept me one night. I vaguely remember it. And the way he told the story, I climbed up in his lap and said, “Uncle Jonesie, are you ugly?”

And when he told the story, I would blush furiously and he would laugh and laugh and laugh…

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  1. Those smiles in the photos say it all, Sarah. And I bet Uncle Jonesie is just laughing and laughing right now.

  2. I would love to hear you laugh!
    I agree with Glynn. Uncle Jonesie is laughing and laughing…

  3. What a beautiful way to honour the memory of your great uncle! I bet he would be smiling to know you were remembering him in that way. What a precious gift to be able to laugh with our loved ones.

  4. Love the photos and the story!

  5. Aww, sorry to hear your uncle passed away, Sarah. That story and these pictures are great. I always love to see family photos–so much fun…

  6. Love the pics! Your smile is contagious!

  7. I enjoyed your “show instead of tell” today!

  8. You have a contagious smile. Bright. Open. Infect us…….

  9. Sorry for your loss. I love the story. It made me smile. LOVE family-pictures. Love your pictures too.

  10. Love it.

  11. Sarah Salter says:

    Thanks for coming by today, y’all! I’m glad you enjoyed the laughter. And thanks so much for the condolences for my uncle, as well. Y’all bless me!

  12. Sorry about your uncle, Sarah. These pictures with you smiling are contagious!
    What a great story.

  13. You are so right. Laughter is sweeter with love. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family today and in the coming days.

  14. Wonderful wonderful wonderful post! I LOVE the photos. What joy of Jesus is spilled all over you.

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