Through the Night

She was eight days old when I met her. So, so tiny. I’d never seen a person so small or held a life that fragile in my hands. But when my goddaughter was eight days old, I made the trek across the state of North Carolina to meet Sarah Katelynn and spend a weekend helping […]

Finding My Way on the Road to Comfort

Last Wednesday as I walked the two blocks from my office to the parking garage, my mind was extremely occupied (read: worried) over a friend who is battling cancer. I wasn’t really paying attention to my surroundings, and was really on “auto-pilot” as I walked when suddenly, a young woman stepped into my path and […]

My Little Friend

I have a little friend who is about 16 months old right now. I remember when he was a newborn – tiny and helpless. Such a sweet little guy. But now he’s just growing by leaps and bounds. A couple of times a month, I get to hang out with what I refer to as […]

Joy in the Fire Swamp

CS Lewis once described joy as “serious business,” yet I assumed I could take joy lightly, capturing it in my free time like fireflies in a mason jar. I learned that you need much more than an experiment to unleash the power of joy. You need chutzpah, you need backbone, you need intentionality—and sometimes you […]

Winner, Winner!

We have a winner of Margaret Feinberg’s book Fight Back With Joy! And our winner is TC Avey!! TC, contact me for the details about how to get your book! Congratulations! Everyone else, I’ll see you back here (and at my co-facilitator Jason’s) next week to begin our discussion!

Return of the Book Discussion (Giveaway Included!)

I know, I know…. I’ve been gone so long you started to assume that the aliens had come to take me back to my home planet, right? Nope. I’m still here. And after holidays and travel and much, much, much busyness, we’re ready to launch into a new book! I’ve always been a bit skeptical […]

Surviving Storms at Sea

In case you’re new to my neighborhood, let me tell you something about me that you may not know: I love the ocean. I was born for it. And God has used it to teach me some of the most profound lessons of my life. About five or six years ago, while my brother was […]

What Love Looks Like

Do you know what love looks like? I do. Lori. Nancy. Jamie. Alyssa. Sunia. Talli. Jodi. Seven of my sisters who choose, every day, to go out and do good. To love. To make a difference. And on Thanksgiving night, Sunia and Jamie sent us a message and said, “Who wants to join us in […]


Why is it that often, boo-boos get worse before they get better? I fell this week. Those of you who have known me for more than five minutes just rolled your eyes and said, “Again?!” Yes. Again. (Just call me “grace.”) And about four days after my initial tumble, I found myself in the prayer […]

In the Light

I wish I could remember her name, but I don’t. I remember her eyes – beautiful, but sad and ashamed. She sat cowering in the chair with her eyes down, wearing an awkward, itchy-looking, too-large wig. And it seemed no matter how hard our medical team tried to reassure her, she refused to smile or […]