Talking to Myself

With as often as most of us fly these days, every one of us could probably give the flight safety speech that we always hear at the beginning of a flight. We know to buckle up our seatbelts. We know not to smoke on the flight – even in the lavatories. And we know that […]

Follow the Leader — or Not

I’m a follower. Always been more comfortable following than leading. But I haven’t always chosen the best leaders to follow, and that lesson was a very painful one in my early 20s. I had moved away from home to be closer to my boyfriend. And the first time I attended his church, I loved it. […]


A little over a year ago, I started going to a new church. From the very beginning, I could tell that there was something different about this church, I just couldn’t explain it in words. And then, about a month ago, I heard someone else explain it perfectly: “This is a church where it’s okay […]

Forgetful Me

Do you ever have one of those forgetful moments when you get up and walk into a different room and suddenly, you can’t recall why you’re there? Or you run into an old friend while you’re out at a restaurant, and you want to introduce them to your companion, but even though you volunteered together […]

Where’s That Darn Backspace Key…?

Have you ever wished that your life had a backspace or delete key? I have. I’ve spent hours upon hours reliving my life in my mind, wishing I could turn yeses into no’s or no’s into yeses or words of insult into words of kindness – or even silence. An example is, perhaps, in order. […]

Letting Go of the Toolbox

I had my first cup of coffee when I was 11. My Granddaddy Salter had died, and the day of the visitation, we were at the funeral home for hours. And, as luck would have it, the only thing they had to drink in the family lounge was coffee. I couldn’t get enough of the […]

Overcoming Perfectionism

A couple of weeks ago, we had a staff retreat at work. And in preparation, they required us to take a personality profile. If you know me at all (or if you read last week’s blog post), you will not be surprised to learn that I tested off the scale as a perfectionist. Over the […]

Great — WRONG — Expectations

Expectations – we all have them, but sometimes, they’re wrong. When I visited Portland for the first time, I was still living in North Carolina. I was a thirty-something pastor’s daughter (and niece, great-niece, and granddaughter), who had a degree from a church college, and had worked for six years for a conservative church denomination. […]

An End to Sackcloth and Ashes

This past weekend was a pretty insightful one for me. Surprisingly so, because my weekends are often just as busy as my weekdays. The grocery shopping has to be done. The laundry. Meal preparation for the week. And, of course, ever since my things arrived from North Carolina, there has been a mad flurry of […]

Thoughts From the Pillow Nest

Masks. We hide behind them. But the analogy I’m more familiar with is walls. Same thing. We hide behind them. And this week, as we talk more about The Cure, I’m going to go back to my analogy of walls. But first, let’s start with that hopeful bit of text that caught my eye this […]