It’s Not About Me

Several years ago, my pastor told me something that rocked my world: It’s not all about me. Yes, I wake up in my bed and walk each day in my shoes. I see the world through my eyes and I’m the person I know most intimately. I feed my belly. I brush my teeth, wash […]

It’s Not Me

I think it was the summer of 1984 when my family took off on our first family road trip. My parents had friends stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and so Daddy, Mama, Christopher and I hopped into the Chevrolet and headed west. I don’t remember how many hours we were in the car, but it […]

Counting Sheep

I’ve attended a lot of different churches in my life. And over the last almost-twenty years since I left my Dad’s church and denomination, I’ve had more than a half-dozen pastors. And even the ones I disagreed with taught me something that I’ve carried with me since. Pastor Ferrell — my last pastor in North […]


I feel like a hypocrite sometimes. People often tell me how brave I am. My Uncle Jesse calls me, “Gutsy Chick.” But to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever felt brave or gutsy in my life. I’ve never felt safe – physically or emotionally. And I have to admit that more times than not, […]


Today, I am ill-equipped to write a blog post about the Holy Spirit. I’m exhausted. Last night I fought angry, grieving nightmares all night and woke up completely empty this morning. And as is usually the case when I’m this tired, I’m frustrated, short-tempered, sad, and overwhelmed. And the last thing I feel equipped to […]


“What a crock!” My friend was astonished at her grown son’s reaction to the old sermon notes he found on her kitchen table. “What’s a crock?” she asked, attempting not to feel defensive. “This says that we can do nothing without God. That’s crap! I do stuff without God every day!” And suddenly her defensiveness […]

Our Latest Winner Is…

I won’t leave you in suspense. The winner of Forgotten God by Francis Chan is… TC Avey! Yes, really, TC! Congratulations! I will be emailing you the details, sister-friend! I thought about writing a paragraph or two to give you a preview of the upcoming book discussion, but honestly, I couldn’t figure out how to […]

Lessons From a Bird

Earlier this evening, I swung in my friend Ana’s hammock, staring at the sky. It was cloudlessly blue and the breeze was strong. And as I looked up into the sky, trying to see God, I noticed a bird perched high on a fir branch. I watched the wind pushing the branch back and forth, […]

Everybody Likes a Free Book!

Since the spring of 2010, my friend, Jason Stasyszen and I have been co-facilitating book discussions nearly every Wednesday. And usually, by the time we finish a book, we have a pretty good idea of what we want to do next. But this time was different. I was in the midst of planning my fifth […]

I Wouldn’t Have Missed This…

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen my friend, Eliza, but I still hear her voice in my head a lot. “It’s okay to be where you are, as long as you don’t stay there.” “God loves you just as you are. He just loves you too much to leave you that way.” […]