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I’m so excited about tomorrow’s guest post that I decided to give y’all a bit of a teaser for it today! Actually, today I’m giving y’all my introduction so that tomorrow, y’all can jump right into the guest post. So, who is my guest blogger?

I got to the lunch table on my first day of my senior year and was excited to see my normal lunch crowd. Amber, Jonathan, Stephen, and various other awesome friends. But there was a new girl sitting at the table. And she was a little quiet. Amber introduced her to me as Kim Boos– the new girl in school.

Kim began going to youth group with Amber, Jonathan, Stephen, and me. And soon, she began coming home with me after school on afternoons before we had youth group. We would sit on the floor in my parents living room playing cards and laughing until we snorted. I had totally met my soulmate. My best friend for life. She named me Sarah Belle (not my real middle name) and I named her Kimae-Pie (not her real middle name).  She still calls me Belle and I still call her Pie…

Kim, like most of the rest of us, hasn’t had an easy life. She comes from a complicated family that moved around a lot. Her parents divorced when she was young. And she has been through some things that most of us have never been through and couldn’t possibly understand. But I’ve also seen God’s call on her life. I’ve seen God use her and work through her, even when she probably didn’t think that God could use her and work through her.

Kim is precious to me and because I know her testimony and how much potential it has to speak God’s grace, power, and love to others, I asked her to share her story with  you. To be honest, the testimony she’s going to share tomorrow is only a tiny but powerful piece of her story. But I’m thankful that she’s willing to share it with us all.

Today, Kim is married to a US Marine named Tim (who I introduced her to and who you read about recently in The Worst Kind of Broken Heart). They have two handsome and cool little boys named Timothy and Robbie. And if you’ll come back here tomorrow at around this time, you can read her testimony…

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  1. I look forward to her post.

  2. Ooo and I have a rocking guest post tomorrow too!

    It’s going to be a great day in blogland!

  3. Very nice! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  4. Darn you know how to wet an appetite, girl. Until tomorrow… 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to read my big sister’s post.

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