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I find myself kind of at an odd place right now. For quite a while now, my days have been dictated by meeting the needs of others–from my boss and coworkers, to my family (my Dad & Ashley, during their sicknesses, especially), to my friends. Each day I would wake up and it was like, “Okay, who needs me most today?” And I would give myself to that person. But suddenly, I’m in a period that I’m not really needed all that much and that puts me at loose ends. Now, I know that I’m still needed. But not to the degree that I have been in the past. And I know that a day will come when I’m needed that way again. But recently, I’ve found myself floundering, purposeless and somewhat depressed.


Today, God sent me to 1 Thessalonians. This book is a letter from Paul, to the church in Thessalonica. It’s an encouragement to them to realize that our purpose in each day is to realize that our business is to prepare for Christ’s return. If Jesus were going to come back tomorrow, what would we want our lives to look like? What would we want our families to look like? What would we want our hearts to look like? And what am I going to do EACH DAY to make those things happen?


The introduction to 1 Thessalonians in my Bible (The Message, Remixed) says, “From the day Jesus ascended into heaven, his followers lived in expectancy of his return. He told them he was coming back… The practical effect of this belief is to charge each moment of the present with hope. For if the future is dominated by the coming again of Jesus, there is little room left on the screen for projecting our anxieties and fantasies. It takes the clutter out of our lives.”


For me, it’s all about relationships. God has given me people to share my life with, not just because it’s fun to be with them or because it sucks to be alone, but because there is a deposit I’m supposed to make into their lives and there is a deposit they’re to make into my life. But as with all relationships, I get hurt often, especially because I’m so sensitive. And I find myself wanting to hide and shutter up my heart to protect myself. But that’s NOT going to bring about the purposes of God.


1 Thessalonians 2:8 (MSG, RMX) says, “We loved you dearly. Not content to just pass on the Message, we wanted to give you our hearts. And we did.”


God has called us to give our hearts away, even to those who hurt us. ESPECIALLY to those who hurt us. Because they’re the ones who need it the most.


Recently, I found myself thinking about a friend of mine who has gone through some major pain in her life. And suddenly, I questioned God. I said, “God, WHY didn’t you send someone to rescue her from those situations?” And in that very moment, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “Because I sent YOU to her, NOW.” I wept. And I prayed that I would be that person that God wants me to be for her. And that I would be the person that she needs me to be. And that, even if it hurts or is uncomfortable, that I wouldn’t shrink back and protect myself, but that I would be able to love her with all of the love God has given me–to give her my heart–because that’s what she needs.


1 Thessalonians 3:12-13 is a prayer that I pray for me today–and for you: “May the Master pour on the love so it fills your lives and splashes over on everyone around you, just as it does from us (the apostles) to you. May you be infused with strength and purity, filled with confidence in the presence of God our Father…”

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  1. I love you, Sarah! We’ve already talked, but I wanted to thank you again for sharing it with me.

  2. Sarah Salter says:

    Thank you, Sarah Bee! You’re welcome and I love you, too! 🙂

  3. Kerri (Earringopia) says:

    Wonderful, wonderful post that is perfect particularly for the Christmas season, but really relevant for every day of the year.

  4. Sarah Salter says:

    Thank you, Kerri! Much love to you, my sweet friend! 🙂

  5. As my Daddy would say, “That’s a good word!” Which gets me to thinking, I need to pour out even when I feel like I have nothing to pour…and I feel that way a lot lately…like every one wants a piece of me and I just want to hole up and make the world go away! But, that is not God’s best for me! Conversely, I need to let God pour in to ME,which requires that I would spend some time with Him in order for that to happen. Thanks for the reminder…as always! Love you, sister!

  6. Sarah Salter says:

    Joell, we’re funnels, not cisterns. If we just bottled it up like a cistern, it would get stagnant. Instead, we let it flow straight through us. 🙂

  7. hey Sarah, I m totally speechless. It’s just that what you have written is very heart touching and an awesome post like always. Cheers … J

  8. Sarah Salter says:

    Thank you, Lara!

  9. Sarah, I always read your posts. I read them and then usually take a minute to think about it or determine what message it is you’re trying to send. Each post you make, I can usually put myself in the situation being discussed at one point or another in my life. I can this one too. I help people daily, I love what I do. As the year draws to a close I can say I’ve grown and changed a lot in 2011. The problem I have is when I feel I’m the one supposed to reach out and help, but I’m the one that needs some help. Those that know me know I don’t ask for help in most cases, maybe that’s my problem.

  10. Sarah Salter says:

    David, I KNOW you’re a giver and I love that about you. God loves that about you, too. But you can’t GIVE unless, at some point, you RECEIVE, too. You need to start asking, but when you do so, make sure you aren’t asking someone that isn’t capable of giving you what you need. I’m like you and I don’t ask for help very well. When I do ask, I ask people that if I thought about it, really can’t give me what I need. Then, when they don’t help, it pushes me into depression or desperation. Don’t sabotage yourself that way! God’s got some NEW places for you to ask for help. Let’s start looking for those. 🙂

  11. Sarah, you’re right. I’ve come close to sabotaging myself like that in the past. I’ve worked really hard not to do that again. I’ve tried really hard to be self sufficient, but I’m finding here as of late I do need some help.

  12. Sarah Salter says:

    David, we were not meant to do life alone. Don’t even try it. It will beat you down.

  13. Sarah, right again, I have learned that the hard way, that’s why I’m in the situation I’m in.

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