Mad Church Disease, Chapter 3: Internal Risk Factors

It’s Wednesday! Welcome back to the discussion of Anne Jackson’s Mad Church Disease. We are up to Chapter 3 and it’s Jason’s turn to stir up the discussion!


Before I turn it over to him, I would just like to thank all of you for sharing your experiences. Already, we have been blessed by what you’ve shared! I  promise you that I don’t have all of the answers and so I’ve really appreciated seeing what God is doing in and through each of you!


And if I can say ONE more thing before we move on to today’s chapter…


Happy Birthday to my Mom, Carolyn Salter! Mama, you’re getting better every year and this year is going to be the best yet! I love you!


Now, on to Chapter 3!


Chapter 3: Internal Risk Factors


What’s on the inside is not always plain. We hide it. We mask it. Not only from others but even ourselves.  That’s why spiritual burnout is hard to see until it’s too late.  Most times, it’s from the heart and spirit that we draw our strength and courage, and burnout seeks to rob us of these things and more because things are out of balance… (to see the rest of the discussion, click here to go to Jason’s website, Connecting to Impact…)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah’s Mom! You have one sweet daughter Mrs. Salter!
    God bless you!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah’s Mom! We have so much to thank/blame you for. ;o)

  3. SarahBee says:

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Salter! You must be a wonderful mother to have such a lovely daughter. Have a blessed year and many more to come.

  4. Happy birthday, Sarah’s Mom! I pray you have an incredibly blessed day and the best year ever. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday, Miss Carolyn! I hope the kids are planning to clean the house and make dinner for you 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  6. Hope your birthday is very blessed, Mrs. Salter. Have an awesome day and a wonderful year.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you many more! I hope you are blessed this year Mrs. Salter!

  8. Happy Birthday to Sarah’s momma! Hope your year is blessed. 🙂

  9. Shinyhalo3:16 says:

    Happy B’Day to Sarah’s mom. Hope this will be the bestest ever!

  10. Happy Birthday Sarah’s mom! I love your daughter to death, just don’t tell her I said so.

  11. Rose Hubbard says:

    Mrs. Carolyn, May God give you the BEST Birthday ever!!! It was so nice meeting you and sharing a special day with you, Christopher and my daughter!! God is so faithful to us!!

    Happy Birthday!!!


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