One Word Blog Carnival: Gratitude

All month, I’ve been watching friends on social media share, each day, what they’re thankful for. They’re thankful for hot cocoa, macaroni and cheese, a good babysitter for date night with their husband (for whom they are also thankful). I’ve enjoyed watching these little thankfulness laundry lists. They remind me to be thankful, as well, for the small and not-so-small things in my life. For my family and my friends (who are often more like family to me than ‘only’ friends). For Reese’s Pieces and Kleenex while I’m sick. For a puppy that curls up in my lap when I don’t feel good and could really use a hug. But when it came time to sit down and write a blog post about gratitude, I felt I had to dig deeper.

What am I REALLY grateful for? What is it that I’m so grateful for that when I think of it, I am so grateful that I can’t help but weep?

And here it is:

I am grateful for a God who holds me in the darkest watches of the night.

My darkest night began on an afternoon when I was about eight years old and some of the neighborhood boys began to sexually abuse me. For years to follow, I would lie awake each night, fearing and reliving and trying to forget. The shadows were ferocious and the nights were long and hard and lonely.

In those years, I didn’t know the God Who had held me and created me in the palm of His hand, in the workroom of Heaven. I didn’t know that He had written my name on His hand and promised never to forget me. I didn’t know that He knows the number of hairs on my head and the swirls and whorls that are my fingerprints. I didn’t know that He catches each of my tears and keeps them in a bottle.

When did I first realize that He was there in the night? I can’t quite remember. But now, some of my most precious times are when I’m alone, in the silent dark and hear Him whispering my name.

I learned a long time ago that life isn’t simple or painless. Bad things happen to the good and the innocent. The Bible says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. But above all—He is there.

And for that, I am truly grateful.

Today’s post is a part of the One Word at a Time Blog Carnival at my friend Bridget Chumbley’s place. To read more fantastic posts on “Gratitude” please go visit here.

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  1. Out of the darkness. . . light.

    Blessings, Sarah.

  2. Yes … a fact and a presence we can count on … always.

  3. It’s the big stuff we forget about. Good reminder, Sarah.

  4. Me too, Sarah. Thanks for a powerful and emotional reminder. Hugs to you, my dear friend.

  5. Little things bless us, but I love the way you worded it: I am grateful for a God who holds me in the darkest watches of the night. How wonderfully true.

  6. Light shines most powerfully and wonderfully in darkness. When we know we have seen the dark side—when we have perceived its weight press down into our hearts—we are most aware of the weight of glory when its Light shines upon us.

  7. “He is there”

    This is such a beautiful testimony, Sarah.

  8. Amen Sarah!

  9. Thank you, Sarah. God bless you!

  10. That was beautiful Sarah *hugs*

  11. I’m with you! Grateful for His presence. He is Emmanuel, God with us. Thank you Sarah. Blessings to you. 🙂

  12. “But now, some of my most precious times are when I’m alone, in the silent dark and hear Him whispering my name.” <~~~ That's a beautiful thought, Sarah, and I can relate.

  13. The amazing part is that even when these awful occurrences hit us, He is holding our hand, and tearful because He knows what we are going through. I so often think of where I would be if He had not invaded my life with such perseverance and acceptance… and I wouldn’t be “here”, that’s for sure. Nice to hear so clearly how you have been blessed.

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