The Gutsy Chick

“Gutsy chick.”

Or so my uncle calls me. I rarely feel like I live up to the name. My uncle doesn’t know how many days I face with my knees knocking together. I don’t usually look in the mirror and see a “gutsy chick.” I often see the agoraphobic woman who struggles to leave the house some days. I see the sexual abuse victim who is still sometimes so afraid of men that she refuses to sit next to her friends’ husbands, even in public places.

But in spite of the fears and phobias, there is a woman inside of that face in the mirror who totally refuses to be conquered by the fears and phobias. I still feel them. I still cower and hide from perceived monsters. But even when I have to grit my teeth and run ahead with my eyes closed, I’m determined to keep running.


Because what’s the alternative?

As scared as I am, I know one profound truth: There is more to life than cringing in the shadows.

“When I imagine God creating each one of us and planting a purpose deep in our hearts, I never imagine that purpose being mediocrity.” – Katie Davis from Kisses from Katie

As I face my daily fears and determine not to settle for mediocrity, I know John 10. God has a bigger, better life for me than I can even dream of and I refuse to let my fears and phobias get in the way of that!

My uncle calls me brave, but I have to agree with Katie: “The truth is, I am not really very brave; I am not really very strong; and I am not doing anything spectacular. I am simply doing what God has called me to do as a person who follows Him.”

“What if, just beyond that risk, just beyond the fear is a life better than anything we have ever imagined: life to the fullest.”

Today’s post is part of a weekly discussion that some of my friends and I have each Wednesday. Our current discussion is on the book Kisses from Katie. We welcome you to hang out and chat with us whether you’ve read the book or not. You have a lot to add! When you leave here, I welcome you to stop by my buddy Jason’s site. There, you can read his post and the other responses to this week’s chapter. Also, if you’ve written a response to this week’s post, you can link it up there. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. I think I’m going to have to read this book. Love the quotes from it!

  2. Not brave… not extraordinary by our own right… just doing what God purposes for us and enables us to accomplish. He is extraordinary. His work through us far exceeds what we are or can do.

  3. I’ve decided we don’t have to be brave because Jesus is brave enough for the both of us. If I follow where He leads, He’ll provide the words, courage, and strength to live that extraordinary life. Good stuff, Sarah. Thanks.

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