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Heart Made Whole: Making Molehills Out of Mountains

A couple of years ago, I attended a funeral with a girlfriend. I didn’t know the lady who had passed away, but my girlfriend didn’t want to attend the funeral alone, and so I found myself at the funeral of a total stranger. For hours, I sat and listened to stories of this woman who sounded […]

Heart Made Whole: What to Do When You’re Broken

From the beginning, I’ve made it a policy to be real here. So for the sake of full disclosure, for the last several days, I’ve been struggling under symptoms related to PTSD. Specifically, I’ve been in fight-or-flight, which has made me by turns panicked and exhausted. In layman’s terms, I’ve been a hot mess. (But […]

Heart Made Whole: Taking Steps

  Those of you who have hung around this neighborhood for a few years know that a few years ago, I went through a dark time. Actually, I kinda sorta had a breakdown. We’ve talked about this here. But in case you need a refresher, I ran into someone who had abused me many years ago. […]