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Heart Made Whole: A Heart of Flesh

This week’s chapter of Christa Black Gifford’s book, Heart Made Whole is our last chapter. And for me, it was a most meaningful and transformative one. You’ll probably notice that this post is more of Christa’s words than mine, but I think that’s important for this chapter and this post. I feel deeply. I’ve always felt deeply. […]

Heart Made Whole: More Than a Story

We’ve talked about my love for stories — specifically biographies and memoirs. About how one of the things that helps me to survive the hard parts of life is knowing that other people have survived the hard parts of theirs. It gives me hope. But there’s also more than a story… I’m currently more than […]

Heart Made Whole: Going Around in Circles

“Get over it.”   That’s one of the most painful phrases someone who has been through abuse or trauma can hear. “Move on.” Or “Why can’t you just forget about it?” also qualify. Why? Because it’s bad enough to have to go through hurt without being told that your hurt was insignificant. So, why can’t […]

Divine Appointments at Safeway

I woke up with a plan today, and that plan was to go to the grocery store to get the stuff to make lasagna (which I was craving). In my experience, the best place to get gluten-free lasagna noodles in my part of town is Thriftway. A little spendier than I prefer. But I had […]