A Hole in Me

Today is Wednesday and it’s time to discuss Chapter 6 of Richard Stearns’ book, A Hole in Our Gospel. This week, my co-facilitator, Jason Stasyszen has the link widget at his place and so after you’ve read and commented here, please go by his site, Connecting to Impact, and see what he and the others have to say. Plus, link up at the widget if you’ve written your own post. And also, we again invite you to stay, read, and comment whether you’ve read the chapter or not.

Chapter 6 – A Hole in Me

We are each born with a hole in us because of Adam’s and Eve’s fall into sin. We don’t all like to think about it or admit it, but it’s evidenced in our lives by how we constantly try to fill ourselves up with more. More money. More education. More acceptance. More respect. More stuff. More, more, more. I have to do more. I have to have more. I have to be more.

One of the most important realizations that any of us will ever make is that we, of ourselves, are little more than dust. And nothing we ever do or have or say will ever make us enough. And we can never fill that hole inside of ourselves. Never. If we could’ve, don’t you think we already would’ve figured out how?

For me, having heard the truth of the Gospel–that life and hope and lasting joy are only found in Jesus Christ–it made my decision easy. What am I going to fill my holey life with? Jesus.

And as soon as Jesus began filling my holes, I became painfully aware that others around me were struggling with the holes in their lives, too. And because I love them, I do anything and everything I can to point them to The One Who fills up the holes and never leaves us empty. The One Who makes us enough.

Richard Stearns opens Chapter 6 by discussing how he questioned his qualifications to share what he’s learned. And as someone who has struggled with believing in myself, I can identify with that. But on the other hand, I refuse to allow people I love to stumble blindly in darkness while I’m holding the lamp and have an endless supply of matches. I’m choosing to take seriously the passage in 1 Peter 1:22.

“Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart.”

For me, that means that if God leaves you in my life for more than five seconds, I’m going to do everything in my power to show you the love and hope and peace and joy that God’s given me.  And it also means that whenever necessary, I’m storming the gates of Hell with a water pistol (and a lot of prayer) on your behalf!

“The real journey of faith requires that our choices, our actions, and everything else in our lives be surrendered to God’s will rather than our own. For the Christian, it is a lifelong process. Belief–that is, faith–is just the beginning. Yes, we must believe that Christ loves us, but Christ also calls us to demonstrate His love to others through the good things that we do, what the Bible calls, ‘works.’ Faith without works is no faith at all. But authentic faith, rooted in the heart of God, is expressed in deeds done to ease the pain of others; it is imbued with personal sacrifice, and it comes with a cost.”

Have you recognized the hole in you? If so, what are you filling it with? If you’re allowing Christ to fill the hole in you, how are you demonstrating that? What are some other ways you can consider demonstrating it?

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  1. I have a huge hole in me- one that I have spent way too many years trying to fill with sports, ego, chasing the elusive dreams, etc. I choose now to fill it with Him and to make a difference in someone’s life. Good words today Sarah.

  2. Once again, we use a similar quote. 🙂 If a little different tack.

    Filling thew hole with Jesus is the only way to go… Time to clear out all this other crap and make room for Him.

  3. “I’m storming the gates of Hell with a water pistol (and a lot of prayer) on your behalf!”

    I love that visual and appreciate the passion behind it! We demonstrate like God does…He so loved…He gave!

    Thanks for sharing Sarah, great thoughts!

  4. Love you, Sarah.

  5. Those darn holes. We use all kinds of things to try to fill them up, but it doesn’t work. I think it may be closer to reality to say that we are just a big void, waiting for the God of the universe and His love and grace to fill it up. He’s certainly the only one who can…

    Thanks Sarah.

  6. love the word “imbue” very similar to the word “ibibe.” Back in the old days when we drew building plans with ink-pens on plastic paper we had something called an “imbibed eraser.” It was a standard eraser that was saturated with special chemical that made it easy to erase ink. The weird thing was that because of the chemical it almost became a different material. As you held it in your hand, it almost felt as if you were holding a solid liquid – is that making sense? The point is that the chemical gave the common eraser a special purpose and made it something that it was not before. I think that is similar to the work of the Holy Spirit – not just filling us, but saturating every fiber of our being causing us to be different – not just for the sake of being different, but because we have new purpose.

  7. I definitely have a huge hole in me…thank you for this Sarah ♥

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