Last weekend, I went away on a retreat with more than a dozen ladies from my church. Seems like a good place to get away from temptation, right? In a house with 14 ladies, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, there was little time, space, or privacy to engage in sinful activities, right? WRONG. Because sitting on the […]

No Sleeping!

I am probably one of the most ambitious people you’ve ever met. I love Saturday mornings when I wake up full of energy and with a list in my head. I’m ready to conquer the world! I’m going to do the laundry, clean the entire apartment, make a trip to Goodwill, do the grocery shopping, […]

Biscuits and Holiness

A few days after I found out that I have a sensitivity to wheat and gluten, I had an appointment with my dear friend, acupuncturist, and Chinese medicine practitioner, Eric. We talked at length about how to cope with my new dietary restriction, and I remember he asked me what food I was going to […]

Father Will Carry It…

When I was four years old, we lived in a tiny country town in Jones County, North Carolina that was called Trenton. I remember only a little of the town and the church that my dad pastored, but I do have memories of the house. I remember the backyard, where I made mud pies during […]

My Life as a Work in Progress

There are people in this world who were seemingly born independent, confident, and decisive. They’re the ones who are always in command of their surroundings — even if only in their own minds. They feel that they know what they’re doing, and they want to be left alone to do it their way, because their […]

Grace and Grape Jelly

Rick’s been gone to Heaven for a bit over a year, but his words still visit me often. And this week, as I was reading Chapter 4 of Jerry Bridges’ book, “The Discipline of Grace,” this “Rickism” is the one that came back to me: “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, […]

Balancing Grace

Over the last several days, I’ve been reading my two current books, and laughing inside because both of them are talking about some of the same themes, just in very different terms. And the major theme that they’ve both been highlighting has been the gospel… Am I the only one that cringes a bit when […]

Easily Distracted

Some years ago, I wore a t-shirt that read, “Easily Distracted.” It was a bad joke, actually, which played off of the fact that though I’m now a proud redhead (thanks to my beautiful and talented friend, Grace), originally, I was blonde. And as a young girl, I was also pretty innocent, naive, and gullible. […]

The Key

You can have all of the keys in the world, but if you don’t know which locks they open, the keys are going to do you no good. Let me back up a bit. “Let go and let God.” Have you ever heard that one? I think I first heard it when I was in […]

It’s Been Awhile…

Welcome back, friends. It’s been awhile, and I’ve missed you! If you’re like I am, life has been busy. It’s thrown you a lot of curve balls. You’ve worn a lot of hats, and juggled a lot of responsibilities. You haven’t had much time to — as my friend, Cecille says, “Sit around drinking lemonade […]