Coming Home

When I try to think of examples of how and when I’ve been faithful in my life, my mind is filled with all of the examples of how I haven’t been faithful in my life. The times I’ve walked away when I should have stayed. The times I’ve been quiet when I should have spoken. The times that I took the drink I shouldn’t have or went to the party that I shouldn’t have. The strings of broken relationships—some that don’t really qualify as relationships, just as random moments of heartbreak.

In the midst of my crushing memories of unfaithfulness, the Holy Spirit whispers to me: “You came home.”

Today, I’m visiting my friend Dusty’s spot on the web. Come read the rest at Devoted Conversations. We’ll save you a spot on the porch to sit and visit with us.

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  1. Sarah: read your story over at Dusty’s blog and wanted to tell you personally how touched I was of your “return.” Thanks for your honesty and for telling your story. While I have never had the “vices” you describe-shoot I’ve never had a cig or a drink in my life- I have/we all have a coming home story. Maybe some day I will tell mine in a public forum. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story.

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