For the last three months, Jason (my favorite Okie-Laskan friend/pastor/blogger/musician) and I have been doing a book discussion every Wednesday about a book that really, really blessed us. That book happened to be Anne Jackson’s Mad Church Disease—a book that I adamantly believe should be required reading for anyone who does any type of ministry.

Jason and I kicked off the book discussion last time with a giveaway. And can I just say that it was SO MUCH FUN!! I wanted to do it again immediately, but the time never presented itself.

Until now.

A couple of weeks ago when Jason & I realized that our journey through MCD was almost over, we started praying, thinking, and discussing what next? We threw a couple of ideas back and forth before he suggested this particular book. He had heard a sermon about the book and when he mentioned it to me as an option, I Googled it and found a free chapter available online.

It convicted me.

In fact, I said, “Oh, I really don’t want to do that book, because it convicts me.” But at the same time, I realized that the fact that it convicted me was exactly the reason that we should explore and discuss this book.

What’s the book?

The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living as if He Doesn’t Exist by Craig Groeschel.

I’m giving away ONE copy and the winner will be chosen at random next Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at about midnight EST.

So… How do you enter?

We’re gonna keep it simple and do it just like last time:

  • Every time you comment on this post before the drawing, you will get ONE entry.
  • Every time you tweet or retweet about the giveaway before the drawing, you will get ONE entry.
  • If you mention this giveaway on your blog/website/facebook/myspace, and provide a link back to this page, you will get THREE entries. (If you do this, you will definitely want to comment back to me and let me know so that you can get your entries.)

Next Wednesday, come back to Living Between the Lines to see if you’ve won! Then, the following Wednesday, Jason & I will start a whole new series of book discussions—chapter by chapter—about The Christian Atheist. We invite you to join us whether or not you read the book. Something we definitely learned this time around is that lots of the folks who could invest in the discussion weren’t even folks who had been able to read the book. They were just folks who stumbled by and could identify with the topic. Don’t be afraid to stumble in and join us!

Also, make sure you go by Jason’s website and comment there! It doubles your chance of winning as he’s doing this same giveaway simultaneously. There’s gonna be two books and two winners, you guys! (One here, one at Jason’s place.)

So, go ye therefore and comment, tweet, retweet, and otherwise spread the word. And we’ll see you back here the same time next week!

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  1. Hmm…. Okay, I guess I’ll try this time. 🙂

  2. Thank you! Yes, please enter me in this drawing. When will the discussion take place because if on the slight chance that I don’t win. LOL! I’d still like to get a copy and participate in the discussion.

  3. Oooh, ooh. Pick me! I’m tweeting and facebooking right now!

  4. I completely agree–anyone who is, has been, or will be in ministry should read this. I love you and Anne Jackson and free books. Therefore, I leave this comment. (But I never, ever win anything.)

  5. Me! Me! Me! …again :o)

  6. Oh wow, Craig Groeschel is an awesome pastor. Have you read his book ‘It’? Good, good stuff – especially for anyone in ministry.

  7. Sounds like an interesting book. Count me in.

  8. I might actually join you guys on this one. You had too much fun last time.

  9. Ok, posted to FB…I think i’m going to get the book even if I don’t win it!
    It looks to be interesting!

  10. Woo hoo! Glad to be on another journey with you. By the way, I don’t know when you changed your site, but it looks great!

  11. I am doubling my chances! I entered on Jason’s blog too. 🙂

  12. One entry! Thanks for the contest!

  13. I so want to read this book. I’d love to participate in the book discussion whether I win or not. Thank you!

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