It’s a Wrap! (And a Giveaway!)

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt worthy of much of anything. When I was about eight years old, some neighborhood boys took me into an abandoned house, took off my clothes, and when they did, they also took every ounce of self-worth I had. I was no longer a princess, to be cherished. I was an object to be looked at, used, abused, and rejected.

Years have passed since then. I’ve been through counseling. I’ve spent years in church. I’ve prayed about it. Talked about it with friends. But somehow, none of this brought back the feelings of worth that were taken away from me on that day.

As I approached my thirty-fifth birthday back in January, a series of circumstances held a mirror up in front of my face. I realized that I was still completely saturated with shame. I still didn’t believe I was worth anything. And that, in fact, I was punishing myself and abusing myself because of it. I hated myself.

Meanwhile, we started reading Brennan Manning’s “The Furious Longing of God.” Actually, I started reading it for the SECOND time, and we began using it for this book study that we’re wrapping up today.

I won’t say that the book changed me. I think it did soften me. But what sticks with me isn’t what Brennan said to me, but what God said to me.

You are worthy because you are connected to the one who is worthy.

I sat in church my whole life and while I pretty much believed everything I heard, I remember the first time that I really connected with something in scripture. My friend, John Hobbs, talked about John 15, and how Jesus is the vine and we’re the branches, and that my only job is to hang onto the vine and blow in the breeze. As someone who has spent my whole life striving to be enough, and trying to earn my worth, it absolutely sets me free to remember that I am worthy because I’m hanging onto the one who is worthy. He makes me worthy. All I have to do is hang onto Him.

That He loves me enough to make me worthy… To me, that’s furious love.

We’ve spent the last twelve weeks talking about God’s love. Now, we would like to turn our attention to another aspect of God’s character: His grace.

Next week, Jason and I will be giving away copies of the next book we will be studying – Andy Stanley’s “The Grace of God.” As always, you are not required to participate in the book study to win the book. But we would love to hear your insights on it, if you choose to share them.

If you want to enter, here’s how it works:

1-      Each time you comment on this post, you earn one entry.

2-      Each time you tweet or retweet this post, you earn one entry. (Just remember to mention me — @sarahmsalter – in your tweet, in order to have the entry counted!)

3-      Each time you mention this giveaway on your blog, website, or Facebook, you earn three entries. (Make sure to come back by here and leave me a comment, with the link, so that I will know to count your entries!)

Next Tuesday night, I will choose the winner, using a random number generator. And on Wednesday, I’ll announce the winner!

Also, go by my co-facilitator, Jason’s site. His rules are a little different, but he’s giving the book away, too! Enter both places and you have double the chances of winning!

Two weeks from today, we begin discussing the new book! I hope to see you here!

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  1. None of us have arrived–it’s a constantly unfolding revelation of His love and goodness. It has to be. We couldn’t take it all at once. Thanks for the awesome book recommendation. Love our “journeys” together as a group. 🙂

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