Kisses from Katie — A Winner!

Guess what?! I have a winner for the free copy of Kisses for Katie!

I’ll rewind, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Today, my friend, Jason Stasyszen and I are each giving away a copy of the book Kisses for Katie. We talked about it on our blogs last week and if you want more details, you can find my post here and Jason’s post here.

Today—in just a minute—I’m going to announce the winner. Later today, Jason will be posting his winner at his website. And next week, we’re going to begin a book discussion about Kisses for Katie. And even if you don’t win the book, you’re definitely invited back for the discussion!

No more stalling!

The winner is my friend, Mary Gay!

Yes, Mary! You won! DM, text, or email me your address and I will get your copy in the mail posthaste!

Congratulations, Mary!

Okay, you guys! I hope to see you back here next week to start talking about the incredible young lady that is changing the world, starting in Uganda, and what her life can teach us.

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  1. Congrats Mary! Looking forward to beginning the discussions next week. Thanks Sarah. 🙂

  2. Sarah Salter says:

    Thanks, Jason! See ya there!

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