Mad Church Disease – Chapter 7 – Spiritual Health

Welcome back to our weekly discussion of Anne Jackson’s Mad Church Disease! Can you believe we’ve been at this for almost two months?! I know that I have gotten a lot out of the discussion. Hearing your thoughts and experiences has taught me an awful lot and I hope it has done the same for you!

Today is Jason’s turn to lead the discussion:



“Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself.”


This quote by Leo Tolstoy begins chapter 7 of Anne Jackson’s book, Mad Church Disease.  Sarah Salter and I have been hosting these discussions for many weeks now, and this quote about sums it up.  If we aren’t willing to change ourselves (more accurately, to let His grace and love change us), we’re not going to get very far.


This chapter deals with spiritual health and how to reestablish it after burnout. Anne rightly points out that we can get physically, emotionally, and relationally well while still being spiritually sick and that’s not God’s best for us.


There are several spiritual disciplines listed that most Christians would agree are foundational—Prayer, Meditation and Study of Scripture, Worship, Service, and Submission.


We may all recognize the importance of these, but do we consistently practice them. If not, we can find ourselves in real trouble…

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  1. All of those disciplines remind me of the 10 Commandments. They’re impossible without the Lord. 🙂

  2. Change starts with yourself and spreads.

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