Mad Church Disease (My First Giveaway!)


The front cover of the book was interesting, but it was the back cover that really got my attention. Actually, it was just the first sentence of the back cover.

Does working at this church interfere with your communion with Christ?

I love my ministry job. I do. I have a great job. I get to use my ministry gifts working with all age groups from nursery through senior citizens. I get to plan events and maintain programs. I get to pray with folks and counsel them and speak into their lives in a multitude of ways.


When you add the forty to eighty hours a week of ministry work to the responsibility of being a responsible church member in an active church (around 1500 active attenders at two campuses with a total of 5 services), I was spending almost my entire life in ministry.


Because balance has never been my strong point, about a year ago at this time, I was about (this) close to a complete and total breakdown.

How did I handle it? I quit just about everything but my job. And then several weeks ago, someone who didn’t even know my situation gifted me with a copy of Anne Jackson’s book, Mad Church Disease.

Before I was halfway through the book, I had bought ten copies to give away and talked my boss into buying ten copies for our ten board members. (It’s just that good!) I personally (obviously) think it should be required reading for everybody who works in ministry—from the occasional volunteer all the way up the ladder to the megachurch pastor. Seriously!

So far, I’ve given away copies to 3 senior pastors, 1 youth pastor, 1 children’s ministry director, 1 missions worker, & 1 church administrator. If you did the math, that gives me 3 more to give away and I decided I wanted to give them away to you guys!

And then, I talked to my Okie-Laskan pastor/blogger/musician friend Jason and we hatched this crazy idea of doing a book club with it. So, we’re BOTH giving away copies on our blogs and then 2 weeks from today, we’re going to start doing a chapter-by-chapter discussion of it on our blogs!

Here’s how you can get involved:

1.       Win a copy on my blog. From now until next Tuesday night, you can get entries in the following ways: 1 entry per original comment on this post, 1 entry per tweet or retweet of this post, 3 entries for each time you mention this giveaway on facebook or your own website (but make sure you come back and tell me so you can get your credit!).

2.      Win a copy on Jason’s blog. He’s doing his giveaway in just the same way. You can link to it HERE to double your chances.

If you don’t win one of the five copies that Jason and I are giving away, you can always pick up this lovely book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or just about any book retailer. Then, meet us back here TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY to begin the discussion.

Ready? Set? GO!

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  1. I met Anne Jackson in Atlanta right before the release of this book. I haven’t had a chance to read it, but it sounds really good.

  2. Cheryl W. says:

    I would love to win a copy and pass it around at my church. I have seen this way to many times. I agree, this should probably be mandatory reading for those serving in the church. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter my name.

  3. This is a very helpful recommendation right now, for me personally, and for a couple of friends. Thank you Sarah, and thank YOU Lord.

  4. I’ve been thinking of this book ever since I first saw a glimpse of it online.. there truly is so much “sickness” out there in us and among us.

  5. Me-Me-Me-Me!! :o)

  6. Oh… and.. ME :o)

  7. Just wanted to say thanks – please can I win? JK. 🙂 I think I’m okay on having enough copies in my stinking office. 😉 haha. But seriously. THANK YOU for helping spread the word about health!

  8. Hi Sara,

    I came over from Jason’s blog and I thought I’d stop by, connect, subscribe, oh and *ahem* shamelessly enter twice for this contest.

    win or not (but I’m hoping it’s win 😉 ) I’m sure you’ll see me around, dropping my $.2 here and there.

  9. I would love to be entered in your draw. Thanks.

  10. I’ve wondered about this book since it came out. I’ve seen (and gone thru) a lot of struggles with burnout in ministry over the years.

    So count me in!

  11. So many books on my ‘to read’ list…

    Great idea from you and Jason!

  12. I’d loooove to win this book.

  13. Sign me up, if you don’t mind a contestant in Thailand!

  14. Sarah Salter says:

    Katdish- I’ve talked to her on the phone and by email and she’s REALLY a sweet person! And I’ll tell ya, this book is seriously a life-changing book! Thanks for commenting & entering!

    Ginny- I get the feeling you want to be entered in this contest, but I’m just not sure. 😉

    Anne- Thanks for stopping by! And it’s totally my pleasure to share this book with my corner of the world. If we can all manage to learn something from it, our lives and our ministries will be so much richer!

  15. I would love to win a copy!

  16. Pick me! Pick me! I love Anne’s blog and find her wise beyond her years. Yes, even us “settled” old people get burnt out, but they say you don’t burn out unless you’ve been on fire, so I’d just like to keep that fire in control & perspective.

  17. Sarah Salter says:

    Holly- You’re entered! And I don’t mind a contestant in Thailand! I love that we’re reaching around the world with this message!

    Candy- You’re not “old and settled”! You’re a firecracker! 🙂

  18. I believe i saw this book not long ago but didn’t get it and wished i had. please enter me in your drawing. It’d be great to win a copy

    I don;t camment here very much, but I REALLY enjoy your blog. You are such a blessing!

  19. Sarah Salter says:

    Aw, thanks Jeff! You are entered! (Mention it on Facebook and you get another 3 entries!)

  20. This sounds like a really good book, Sarah. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks

  21. Sarah Salter says:

    You’re entered, Sharon! And you know, with as many of your contests as I’ve won now, I think it’ll be pretty funny if you won mine! 🙂

  22. Shinyhalo3:16 says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I would love to win a copy of this book soooooooo much! I have a ministry at my church and I feel just like this!
    Mable Dotson

  23. Shinyhalo3:16 says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I have requested that you add me on myspace also. Wishing to win a copy of that book soooooooooo much!

  24. Sarah Salter says:

    Mable, I’ve added your entries. I’m glad to see you’re so excited about it! Thanks! :o)

  25. I don’t know if I can consider my small contribution to Church ministry, but sometimes sweet little old me gets frazzled. (See Jason’s comment section today if you are interested in finding out why I had a cow yesterday)

  26. Sarah Salter says:

    Helen, I’m headed over to Jason’s comment section NOW! ‘Cuz if you had a cow, there must’ve been a good reason!

  27. This book is actually very high on my “must read” list. If I don’t win it I’ll have to buy it so I can join in the discussion.

  28. This is on my Amazon wish list. I hope I win it so I can brag to Nick that I won it and he didn’t 😉

  29. Sarah Salter says:

    You know, Marni, that’s not very nice. But at the same time, I think Nick would love it if you had an extra opportunity to pick on him. 😉

  30. Elizabeth says:

    This book was sounds interesting. Thinking about getting a copy at Barnes and Noble. Thank you for the information. God bless you, Ms Sarah.

  31. Barb Campbell says:

    This book sounds great! I burned out at a church years ago to the point I left… just couldn’t take it any more. Then I stayed away from church for 7 years! Now I am back and I love my church home. Have been there almost 4 years and have slowly been moving back into ministry positions (volunteer). Trying to keep the balance by seeking God in all this! I will definitely read this one.. would love to win a copy as funds are tight right now. If not, I will add it to my wish list and get it one day!

  32. Shinyhalo3:16 says:

    Still wishing that I will win a copy of this book.

  33. I’ve download and read part of this book. I dream of winning a copy to hold in my hand.

    Since this is all about entries, I won’t trouble you with my sad tale. But we all do have one. Especially if we’ve been in ministry for 20+ years. Or should I say WERE in ministry.

    Thanks for the contest. I’ve entered at both sites. If I win I would love to join the conversation. I believe it’s one that is LONG overdue!

  34. I want the book. Gimmie.

  35. …please? The book?

  36. P-P-P-Pleeeeeeze? Me?

  37. Sarah Salter says:

    Gosh, Ginny, I’m getting the feeling that you REALLY want this book. 😉

  38. I believe this book is very timely at this season in my life. I’m sure it will be a wonderful book. I can’t wait to read it.

  39. I would LOVE to win a copy of this book! Very timely book to read in my time of transition. This promises to be a great read for anyone in or has been or about to enter ministry!

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