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I wish I could say that this is one of those blog posts that I prayed and slaved and meditated over for you.  Sorry folks.  Forgive me for writing yet another post “on the fly.”  I just got home after about 15 and a half hours at Falcon Youth Camp.  And I just have to admit that tonight, all I have to share is my un-proofread thoughts as I wind down for the night.  In no particular order, here’s what’s going on in my real life (as in my non-blogging life)…

On Tuesday, my Dad was supposed to have knee-replacement surgery.  But in some pre-op tests, they found some “abnormal” stuff on his EKG.  (Redneck translation: his heart ain’t workin’ right.)  So, yesterday morning, he had a diagnostic heart catheterization.  What we found out is that the stent that the doctors put in eight years ago has closed up 90-95%.  So, next Tuesday, we go back and he has a shiny, new, drug-coated stent put in to replace the old one.  Then, we have to postpone the knee-replacement 6-12 months.  I guess that’s okay.  We figure that if his ticker ain’t workin’ right, then what’s the point in bein’ able to walk?

Falcon Youth Camp…  I know y’all are probably tired of hearing about it.  But you’ll be happy to know that we send our last 113 campers home tomorrow.  I’m pretty happy about that part, myself.  (insert exhausted smile here)

One of my most awesomest counselors at Camp is Barry– who is also the leader of my mission team.  (You remember– the one that’s leaving in TEN days!)  Yesterday, Barry was thrown off a horse at Camp.  (I leave Camp for ONE day and he goes and does a stupid thing like that!)  Miraculously, he didn’t break his neck.  But he did fracture some vertabrae.  (Redneck translation: he broke his back.)   By the grace of God, the fractures are “stable” (the bones aren’t shattered or moving around.)  Now, we just have to control his pain while he heals.  When the orthopedic surgeon came by Barry’s room today, Barry informed him that on July 5th, we’ll be leaving for the mission field.  The doctor raised his eyebrows and said, “If you can handle the pain, I won’t stop you.”  And so, Barry is claiming healing and planning to lead the team to the Dominican Republic.

On a serious note here: we believe in God’s healing.  We’ve seen Him do it.  Feel free to join us in prayer!

I have already seen God move through these bad circumstances.  Barry was the counselor for a group of about eleven fourth and fifth grade boys at the Camp.  When Barry got hurt, the other counselors had to step up to help with these boys.  But the other counselors weren’t the only ones that stepped up.  Barry’s almost-sixteen-year-old son was working at the Camp as a “Special Worker” (taking out garbage, washing dishes, sweeping floors).  Over the past two days, this young man has stepped into his Dad’s shoes, taking care of those campers like they were his own.  I’ve seen him talking to these kids, worshipping with these kids, carrying them to the nurse when they get hurt…  In the space of two weeks, I’ve seen this kid mature right before my eyes.  I’m so proud of that kid!  And Yay God!!  Way to move!!

Tonight was the last night of Camp.  I sat in the canteen tonight, nursing a Sprite and watching my staff just wilt in their seats.  They’re tired.  Ready to sleep in their own beds and spend time with their own families.  Today, as I talked to a complaining parent (one of the blessed few I’ve had this year) I just wanted to say, “Listen, do you know what these volunteers have sacrificed to minister to your kids?!”  But I didn’t.

Tonight was one of my favorite nights at Camp.  Tonight was the night that we put the kids to bed and snuck to the canteen for steak and fries and fellowship.  It’s not my favorite night because of the food.  It’s my favorite night because after we’ve poured ourselves out for four camps, for a few minutes, we can sit down and minister to each other.  By listening.  By laughing.  With hugs and rubbed shoulders and shared Peanut M&M’s….

I appreciate y’all bearing with me through these really crazy camp weeks.  This weekend, I’m going to “retreat” to an undisclosed (but warm, sandy) location to have some quiet to finish up my magazine article for my July 1 deadline.  And hopefully, while I’m retreating, I’ll have some time to reflect and process what God’s been doing during this busy time…  And maybe get a few minutes to write about it so I can share it with you.

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