Returning from Sudan…

I made it home from Africa!

It’s been eleven days. I’ve been on eight planes, using four different airlines. I’ve slept in three different time zones and struggled to do conversions with four different foreign currencies. I’ve assisted with ministering to approximately 635 children. I’ve visited a remote Toposa village in Southern Sudan, where the children had never seen white people (kawaja). I’ve had a half dozen cold showers and slept five nights in a Sudanese hut call a tukul (essentially a screened-in porch with no AC and countless creepy crawlies).

When I went on my first medical team with Mercy International in 2004, my fearless leader, Cecille Booth, told me a profound truth. She said, “You’re going to go home with a thousand stories. A few people will listen to you, but really, the only person that will want to hear them is your Mama.”

History and experience have shown me that by and large, she was right. But I think that most of y’all are a bit more interested in what’s going on in the mission field, so expect to be seeing and hearing vignettes from my time in Africa over the coming days and weeks.

What you will see:

–          The stories of me falling in love and being given a ring in Africa.

–          The story of Omar – an orphan boy found unconscious at the gate of our ministry’s compound in Sudan during our stay.

–          The Top Ten Things I Never Want to Experience in Missions Again (But Probably Will Anyway).

What you won’t see:

–          The video of me being taught how to African dance by two sweater-vested pastors in Nairobi. (It’s always those sweater-vested pastors you’ve gotta watch out for, isn’t it, Jason?)

And so now, a few pictures to tide you over…

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  1. SarahBee says:

    I cannot wait to hear everything! I’ve missed you.

  2. Falling love? Given a ring? And you expect us to sleep tonight?

  3. bring it on.

    glad you are back.

  4. Haha I will find that video and I will make millions! 😀

  5. Sarah Salter says:

    @Sarah Bee- I MISSED YOU TOO! I reached into my purse to pull out some Sudanese pounds the other day & found a pic of Matteo that I’d tucked in there right after he was born. I had to blink back tears… Hugs and love to you, Sistah-Friend!

    @Karin- I have to keep some mystery in our relationship. 🙂 Don’t worry… I’ll reveal the secrets soon!

    @Nancy- Thanks! 🙂

    @Lainie- NOT A CHANCE!

  6. I’m sorry Sarah, but that’s not enough of a post. Go back and write more. Now. We need to know things.

  7. Sarah Salter says:

    Wendy, I love it when you’re pushy and demanding. XOXO

  8. I know you do, and I’m here for ya.

  9. “The stories of me falling in love and being given a ring in Africa.”

    DO TELL! Looking forward to hearing the rest to.

  10. Glad you are back safe and sound. I look forward to reading about your mission.

  11. You know we want to hear all about it! We’ve praying and waiting on your safe return. 🙂

    And yes, always beware the sweater vest. Glad to have you back.

  12. Welcome back! Can’t wait to hear your stories. And what’s up with no video? I feel robbed!

  13. Consider me your mama.

  14. Not your mama but I wanna hear

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