Scenes from Alpha Camp

Anybody who knows me knows that today, I welcomed right at 200 campers into Falcon. The camp that started today is the one we call “Alpha” Camp and is for 1st – 3rd graders. And since I was juggling that barrel of monkeys, I didn’t actually have time to write a blog post today. But since I had my camera in my bag, I decided to let the pictures say my thousand words tonight.

First, meet my staff. Well, about half my staff. The guy in the red shirt, standing up, talking… That’s my boss, Jon. He’s from Alabama. Roll Tide!

Barry (in green) and Eddie (in red)… A couple of my renegade boys’ counselors. Good guys, both. Just don’t let Barry near the horses. Last year, he got thrown and his back was broken. Then, God healed him. It was pretty cool, but we’d rather not try that again.

Registration! Girls on the left, walk-ins in the middle, boys (can’t be seen here) on the right!

Evening service with Children’s Evangelist, Allen Thomas. The kids were having a BLAST! We’re always worried that they’ll be too keyed up on the first night to listen, but they pleasantly surprised us.

When I left at 10 minutes to 10 to come home and get some sleep, the kids were getting ready to watch my boss and my bishop face off in “Minute to Win It.” I’m sorry I missed that, but my bed’s calling my name. And who knows what tomorrow holds!

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  1. first day….congrats!

  2. Cool! Uber cool.

  3. Looks like lots of fun 🙂

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