Scenes from Sudan

At the end of last week, the receptionist from Operation Teaching Tools and Every Nation Education came to a campmeeting service and gave me a packet with 5 CD’s full of pictures from our trip to Africa. It took me most of the weekend to go through them and tonight, I just decided to grab a handful to share with you.

In Sudan, the number one rule of the road: cows have the right of way. And they know it. Honk all you want, Bessie ain’t movin’ if she don’t feel like it.

Remember how we discussed that there are leftover landmines strewn about Southern Sudan? Well, the UN has graciously come through and cleared some of them. But the fields that aren’t cleared are often marked with these rocks like you see above. They are painted red. Red means “stop” in Sudan–even though they don’t have stop signs or stop lights.

About fifteen feet off the side of the road is this cistern. Wait. Not a cistern. This is a mass grave for many of the Sudanese murdered by the Arabs during their recent civil war.

Alanna used the back porch of her tukul for laundry facilities, which works great as long as the livestock don’t eat the clothing and the monsoons don’t blow in. And unfortunately for Alanna, all of her clothes got rained on later on this evening and I’m pretty sure that some of those clothes didn’t dry before we left Africa.

Okay and this is me, just after I woke up one morning. See that slouch? That means I’ve had no caffeine… In several days… and I’m already hot… and I’m not even dressed yet… Did I mention I’m not a morning person? But if Rose had taken the pic a little closer, you’d be able to see that yes, I am smiling. 🙂

Yesterday, many of you stepped up to pray for my missionary friend, Joy, who recently collapsed shortly after arriving in an undisclosed mission field in SE Asia. Today, I can update you that tests have shown a blood clot in her brain and neurosurgeons are preparing to operate. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and I will continue to update you as I learn more details. Thanks so much!

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  1. More pictures! More pictures!

  2. Sarah Salter says:

    Wendy, I promise there’ll be more! But they take a while to upload and I intend to get a little sleep tonight. But I promise THERE WILL BE MORE! 🙂

  3. You know I don’t wait well.

  4. I missed that yesterday and I am sorry. Keep us posted and prayers are coming.

  5. Cool pictures! Andrea told me before we were married, made me promise actually, that I had to take her to Africa at some point. She’s always loved and prayed for the continent, and it’s cool to see the pictures from there. Thanks!

    Also praying for Joy…

  6. Alanna Wood says:

    I just got finished reading all of your Africa posts- they brought back vivid memories and touched my heart all over again. You are such a talented writer, and I love how you “see” things. I’m a dedicated sarah salter blog follower now!

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