Unlovable: A Guest Post

One of the hardest lessons that I’m learning in my life right now is that just because people don’t love me doesn’t mean that I’m unlovable.


Let me clarify. I know that I am loved. My parents love me. My pastor loves me. I have lots of great friends who love me. Sarah Bee loves me. God loves me.


I get that.


But what about the people in my life that it’s very obvious they don’t love me? It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? With as many people in my life that I know love me, why is it that I spend so much time lamenting the handful who don’t?
For a long time, I thought that it was about me. That I was the only one that felt this way. And that I must be a special kind of screwed up to be so unlovable.


But what if it’s not about me?


To read the rest of this revelation, please come with me over to my friend Sarah Bee’s site


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