What Love Looks Like

Do you know what love looks like?

I do.

Lori. Nancy. Jamie. Alyssa. Sunia. Talli. Jodi.

Dressember - Groves Girls

Seven of my sisters who choose, every day, to go out and do good. To love. To make a difference. And on Thanksgiving night, Sunia and Jamie sent us a message and said, “Who wants to join us in making a difference?” And on December 1st the eight of us said yes to participating in #Dressember.

Dressember Header

I can’t speak for why my sisters said yes. But I can tell you why I did…

Because it could’ve been me.

The phrases “sexual slavery” and “human trafficking” hit extremely close to home for me – one who has been multiply sexually abused. And to know that millions of other people are bought and sold, treated as property, and repeatedly have their spirits crushed, it’s just impossible for me to sit and do nothing about it. When Sunia and Jamie said, “dresses for 31 days,” the part I really heard was, “it could save a life.” It could give someone hope. And that was all I needed to know.

We’re doing our part. Wanna join us? I promise you don’t have to wear a dress. (Unless you want to.) Just pray, click, and give.









And if you want to know more, you can visit Dressember or International Justice Mission (who Dressember is raising money and awareness to help end human trafficking).

We can do more together. That’s what love looks like.

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