Workin’ With Silly People

In July, our denomination voted to change the name of my department from Church Education Ministries (CEM) to Discipleship Ministries (DM). This has meant changing letterhead and check stock and our website… It’s been a long, complicated process.

Once our website had been changed, it just made sense that my email address ( should change as well. So, after consulting with my boss, we decided on

I sent out several emails to let everyone know about the change, but it seemed that they just ignored it and continued to use the old address instead. Today, I finally got my tech guy in here to close the old account altogether. I sent out one final email to my ministers/youth pastors:

From: Sarah Salter

To: Ministers/Youth Pastors/Etc.

Subject: New Email Address

Please note that after this date, March 4, 2010, this email account ( will be closed. You may reach me at Thank you!

I really wasn’t expecting much response, but I was wrong. I received this response from one of my youth pastors:

From: Pastor Jeff

To: Miss Sarah

Subject: New Email Address

This being the last email sent to this address ( from this address (, I think it should be said that it has been a good email address; a hard-working email address. It will be missed, but we must move on with our email communications. I’m sure the new and improved email address will be up to the task, but it does have some big shoes to fill. Let us pause for a moment……….. May we all remember with fondness the former email address, ( Amen.

Pastor Jeff

I work with some of the silliest people! 🙂

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  1. I am glad you get to work with someone like Pastor Jeff!
    I wish I knew how to file this for the future so that I could use it if I ever got a termination of email address notice from a friend…

    Also, you should totally link this up with Wendy’s Life is Funny Blog Carnival!

  2. Hahaha. That’s awesome.

  3. Now I feel like I need to send flowers to mourn the loss of your old email address…

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Silly people are everywhere. At my workplace they opened a new email account at the workplace and yet the people at the work place still send me email to my old account which is now my husband’s new account. So now I receive notices through three email accounts: my husband’s, my personal account and my new business account. Information at times in triplicates are sent to me daily which is better than none at all. The silly people are everywhere, Sister Sarah. Thank you for sharing. Hasta luego.

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